Today is your lucky day- you’ve found News of the Revolution. On our new blog, we’re going to post original pieces, written by our own people, about cycling culture, advocacy, products, places, ideas, feelings and more. As an independent bicycle retailer with five locations in a region with a fantastically progressive cycling community, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a vast array of bicycle-related events. We’ll share stories of legendary visits from guys like Gary Fisher and John Burke. We’ll relay our successes (and failures) as we work to make our communities more bicycle-friendly. We’ll describe our rides in spectacular places, on all kinds of terrain, near and far. Through dynamic and organic content, we hope to inspire and inform the readers of News of the Revolution.

About Revolution Cycles

Revolution Cycles was founded in 1997 by Mike Hamannwright and Santiago “Pinkey” Gonzalez, and we have four locations in the DC Metro area, including Georgetown, DC, Clarendon, VA, Rockville, MD, and Stafford, VA, . While each of our stores has its own unique history and character, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer service experience in all of our locations. News of the Revolution will keep you up to date on the latest adventures in the Revolution Cycles’ family, and we look forward to your comments and participation as we share our stories!